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Gynecologist’s Viral Post-Delivery Photo Stirs Debate With ‘Blood-Soaked’ Hands

A gynecologist's post-delivery photo in a blood-stained apron and gloves sparks debate over ethics and professionalism on social media.

Edited By : Swechchha | Updated: Jun 19, 2024 15:57 IST
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Viral Post On X By Gynecologist
Viral Post On X By Gynecologist

Childbirth, often considered among the most physically painful experiences for women, is also cherished by couples as they capture the priceless moment of welcoming their child into the world. However, the sight of doctors taking photos or posing inside labor rooms is uncommon. A recent social media post of a gynecologist from an operating theatre is getting viral and has sparked debate online, garnering a variety of reactions.

Dr. Zikraaa posted on her X account, sharing a picture taken after a delivery. The photo depicted her standing inside the operating theatre, wearing a satisfied smile. What drew the most attention was her attire: a blood-stained apron and a pair of gloves soaked in blood that she held in her hands.

“In the caption, she wrote, ‘Baby cried, I laughed. PS: Scenes after delivery #Obgyn.'”

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The post quickly went viral, sparking a debate among social media users. While some celebrated the moment captured in the picture, others raised concerns about the ethical implications of taking photos inside the operating theatre. One user remarked, “It’s good, but the focus should be on the job, not on social media posts, especially in critical care units. You can’t afford to lose focus for a moment.” Another commented, “I noticed the blood-stained area beyond the gloves on the forearm!”

“Most beautiful feeling ever,” wrote another user, while someone queried, “Are you allowed to post such pictures on social media?”

Posted on June 16, 2024, the tweet has garnered over 80,000 views on the microblogging platform. While this specific incident captures the doctor’s experience following a successful delivery.

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First published on: Jun 19, 2024 03:57 PM IST

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