Tuesday, November 29, 2022

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Girl from USA claims she delivered a baby without being aware of her pregnancy

New Delhi: Periods come and stop every month during pregnancy. Even weight gain and abdominal distention are common. However, a bizarre case has emerged from USA. A girl named Kayla Simpson was pregnant for 9 months and she was completely unaware of the fact. She claims there were no signs of pregnancy in her. She has shared her experience on her social media handle. A lot of people are believing this while many seem not so convinced with her story.

Kayla Simpson is a student of Indiana university in America. She claims that she was in a party where she suddenly experienced a severe pain in his stomach. She felt the severity believing her appendix might burst due to severe pain. She was then taken to the emergency room only to become aware of the fact that she was undergoing labor pain.

She thought she had appendix but was in labor

She tells in her trending two-part Tiktok that I went to the hospital thinking that I had appendix. She was screaming in pain and the doctor told me it was the baby’s head. Simpson says that she was going through a period every month. Not only this, her weight had also reduced. She was not able to understand how this happened.


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Had flat tummy for 9 months

Simpson explained that she and the child’s father (not named) are raising her together. However, she admitted that she had not done anything for birth control when she was pregnant. She also informed that she had sex without using protection.

She also cleared that she did not had a baby bump but rather her tummy remained flat throughout her pregnancy period. She also claimed that she lost 30 pounds of weight before giving birth to her daughter.

She also said that when she was in hospital, her mother was also present there. She too could not believe. When her mother informed this to her father on the phone, he too was unable to believe this. He believed it only after seeing the picture of her daughter with the child.

Doctor say this

According to the doctor, a pregnant woman does not get periods. Although they may have slight bleeding. It is not necessary that bleeding in pregnancy is a sign of any problem. If bleeding is occurring in pregnancy, then the doctor should be contacted to find out the reason.

Simpson is living happily with daughter

Simpson’s video has been viewed 16.9 million times. Incidents with Simpson are not unusual by the way. One in 2,500 women deliver without knowing that she is pregnant. If we talk about Simpson’s life, then two days after the birth of the child, she returned home from the hospital. She is having a good time with her daughter. She keeps sharing pictures on Instagram.

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