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Four Questions Expose The Truth: Husband Uses Clever Tactics To Catch Wife’s Theft – VIDEO

A woman used to steal her husband's money, but the husband cleverly caught her by making her reveal the money's location herself. This funny video of the couple is going viral on social media.

Edited By : News24 Desk | Updated: Jun 19, 2024 15:53 IST
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Husband Exposes Wife's Theft With Four Questions - Viral Video!
Husband Exposes Wife's Theft With Four Questions - Viral Video!

Wives often steal money from their husbands to spend or save as they wish, sometimes keeping the money without informing them. A video showing a husband cleverly catching his wife stealing his money is going viral on social media. The video is quite funny, and the idea of catching the wife in the act is even more interesting.

Here’s How The Husband Caught His Wife Stealing

In the video, you can see a woman cooking in her kitchen. Her husband approaches and offers her Rs 500 if she answers four questions. She agrees eagerly. The husband first asks, “What is the capital of India?” The woman smiles and answers, “Delhi.” The second question is, “What is the capital of Uttar Pradesh?” She replies, “Lucknow.” For the third question, he asks, “What did you make for breakfast this morning?” She responds, “Paneer Bhurji.” Then, the husband asks the crucial question, “Where is the money you stole last night?” Just like with the previous questions, she answers immediately, revealing that she hid the money under the red suit. The husband then says, “Okay,” and goes to retrieve the money.

Users Enjoyed Watching The Video Because Of The Woman


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When the wife realizes she revealed the whereabouts of the stolen money during the question-answer session, she tries to stop her husband, saying, “No, Babu, this is cheating.” But the husband replies, “You answered all four questions correctly, so you will get Rs 500. Now I’m going to get my money.” The woman shared this funny video on her Instagram account @anjalishibbu.yadav. By the time of writing, the video had been viewed by millions and liked by 5 million people. Many viewers enjoyed the video and left comments. One user wrote, “Hearty congratulations and best wishes for winning Rs 500.” Another commented, “Sister-in-law’s theft was caught.” A third person wrote, “Sister-in-law suffered the loss.”

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First published on: Jun 19, 2024 03:53 PM IST

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