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Fiery Divorce Tactics: Husband Burns Down Mansion, Refuses To Pay Wife A Single Penny

England witnessed an incident where Francis McGuirk, a British millionaire and professional golfer, allegedly set fire to his multimillion-dollar house in Sandwich. His purported motive was to prevent his wife from obtaining the house or her share in their upcoming divorce.

Edited By : simran rajpal | Updated: Jul 9, 2024 16:31 IST
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Fiery Divorce Tactics: Husband Burns Down Mansion

In divorce, countries have varying laws on how money and property are split. Some couples agree to divide things amicably, while others refuse to share anything due to their intense dislike for each other.

In many cases, after divorce, husbands refuse to share their income and property with their wives. They often transfer these assets to other family members. A recent case reported by the Daily Mail is particularly shocking, revealing extreme animosity between ex-spouses.

In Sandwich, England, British millionaire and professional golfer Francis McGuirk reportedly set fire to his own multimillion-dollar house. Allegedly, he did this to prevent his wife from claiming the house or her share in their impending divorce. Despite these actions, Francis narrowly avoided jail time.

Last year, golf professional Francis McGuirk, aged 50, allegedly set fire to a £900,000 ($1.4 million or Rs 11.68 crore) house in Sandwich, Kent. On June 25, he locked himself inside knowing the house was empty, broke the keys, and informed his wife via message that he intended to set it ablaze. Fortunately, neighbors alerted emergency services in time to prevent significant damage to the house.

Prosecutor Caroline Knight informed the court that during the incident, Francis McGuirk’s wife Sarah was at a dinner party. Francis initially attempted to start a fire using cooking oil, which failed. He then used lighter fuel to ignite some pillows in the living room. Throughout, he sent messages to Sarah stating, “I have set the house on fire. I am going to throw the pet dog Dolly out of the window.”

When firefighters arrived at the burning house, they discovered Francis acting oddly outside. He declined treatment for his minor burns. Francis verbally attacked his wife in front of the neighbors, expressing his desire to prevent her from ever receiving the wealth.

The man’s seaside home in Sandwich was heavily damaged, with most rooms blackened by the fire. Firefighters controlled the blaze and rescued the family dog, Dolly.

Despite this, the court took into account Francis’s defense that he had intended to harm himself. As a result, he was spared jail time and received a suspended sentence of two years. He was also warned that any further offenses during this period would result in imprisonment.

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First published on: Jul 09, 2024 04:31 PM IST

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