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Delhi Auto Driver Decorates Vehicle As Tribute To Lost Love, Leaves Internet Emotional

An Instagram post by Anupama showcases an auto driver in Delhi whose auto is decorated in memory of his ex-lover. Anupama complimented the unique decor, and the driver revealed it was dedicated to his former partner, whose initials 'AS' are displayed on the auto.

Edited By : Aniket Raj | Updated: Jun 17, 2024 16:34 IST
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New Delhi Auto Driver story
New Delhi Auto Driver story

New Delhi: Unreciprocated love can be found in every nook and cranny of every city, including in the heart of Delhi, famously known as ‘dilwaalon ki shehr’. A touching Instagram post by Anupama shares a poignant glimpse into one such incomplete love story, recounted by an auto driver.


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A post shared by Anupama (@onupomo)

Anupama shared a video where she is sitting and chatting with the auto driver. Intrigued by the unique decor of his auto, she asked him about it. With a bittersweet smile, the driver explained that the decorations were dedicated to his ex-lover. “Writing ‘AS’ gives me happiness,” he said, pointing to the initials ‘AS’ on the backside of the auto. He went on to explain that seeing those initials brought him joy.

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Anupama’s post read, “Thinking of this one time I complimented an auto bhaiyya for the cool lighting in his auto, and he told me he did it in memory of his ex-lover. She got married to someone else just two days after he moved to Delhi for work.” The caption simply read, “Men in love>.”

The video has received an overwhelming response, with viewers expressing admiration for the driver’s heartfelt gesture. Many commented on the wholesomeness of the story, while others noted that men in love are indeed a different and gentle breed, not often encountered.

First published on: Jun 17, 2024 04:33 PM IST

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