African English teacher gives hilarious remark on student’s marksheet; SEE PIC

New Delhi: A student mark sheet from an East African country school is going viral, where a teacher gives the remark “She has passed away” instead of “passed the exam.” The country’s national language is Chichewa, and English is the official language.

However, in many cases, teachers who are mostly non-native English speakers made mistakes when writing or speaking English. Mathematics, English, agriculture, science, social skills, life skills, and the arts are among the other subjects taught. According to her 2019 report card, the student ranked seventh in her class. Anant Bhan, a Twitter user, shared the report card with the caption “Oh, Lord, via FB.”

A video recently went viral online that purportedly showed a district collector in India going to meet his former school teacher to seek her blessings, and he asked her to beat him with a cane for old times’ sake. However, it sparked a debate among netizens about whether it was the right approach and should be celebrated.

Netizens Reaction

A user wrote, “This seems far worse than “passed out”, that other usage for having graduated.” Another user writes, “Oh God no words for this.” A third user while commenting to the teacher, “I think the teacher’s English passed away.”

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