Want to immigrate to Canada? Big Chance as 14.5 lakh jobs available, HERE is list of all sectors

Canada Immigration Target: In 2021, Canada welcomed over 405,000 immigrants, breaking its previous record. This year, it plans to welcome close to 432,000 immigrants.

The amount of immigrants that Canada hopes to accept each year is determined by the Immigration Levels Plan. Growing the economy, reuniting families, and providing asylum to refugees fleeing persecution abroad are among Canada’s immigration objectives.

In addition to this, the Immigration Minister Sean Fraser confirmed that the around 14.5 lakh jobs are vacant in the country. This is an exciting news for the Indian students who aspire to go to world’s geographically second largest country.

Canada is set to employ 14.5 lakh foreigners in the next three years. Recently, Canada’s Immigration Minister Sean Fraser said that the country’s lack of labor force has caused a lot of damage to the economy. Canada needs more people to overcome this. To meet this need, Canada has planned to employ 14.5 lakh immigrants in the country in the next three years under the Immigration Levels Plan 2023-25.

Canada Immigration Target: How it will benefit Punjab, Haryana and other states’ students, job seekers?

As per the latest Immigration Levels Plan, Canada require nearly 14.5 lakh people to settle and work there to stem sluggish economy hit hard by Covid-19.

About 1.4 million people of Indian origin live in Canada. This is 1.4% of the Canadian population. In 2021, of the 4,05,999 people who got permanent residency in Canada, 1,27,933 or one-third of the population were Indians.

Economic class in Canada accounts for 60% of Indian immigrants. India is the largest single source country for the Canadian economy. For Indians looking for jobs abroad, getting a job in Canada with permanent residence has become easier due to the new immigration plan.

Canada’s Express Entry is easier and more stable than the US H1-B visa application process for Indians. Apart from the worker class in the large economic entry pool, now students can also work in Canada on temporary to permanent visa and work permit.

Visas can also be processed for families, partners and grand-parents. Education and healthcare is free for permanent residents and can also start their own business in PR Canada.

Canada Immigration Target: Canada Need people in THESE sectors

Immigration Minister Sean Fraser made it clear once again that Canada’s healthcare, agriculture-fisheries and transportation sectors are completely dependent on immigrants. There are about 10 lakh job vacancies in all these sectors. In addition, the country heavily rely on foreign workers to work in such areas in which native population hardly show any interest.

Immigrants coming from abroad, specially form third world countries to work in Canada, often find employment in these sectors which boost their chances of obtaining permanent residency for their economic contribution. For this, the Canadian government has been running different programs Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program and Canadian Experience Class.

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