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Everything you need to know about funeral ceremony of Queen Elizabeth II

New Delhi: Britain’s Queen Queen Elizabeth II died on Thursday, September 8. The 96-year-old breathed her last at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. After her death, preparations are being made for her funeral as per the royal protocol of Britain. According to royal tradition, the rituals related to Queen Elizabeth’s funeral have started. Let us take a look at how will the last rites and funeral of the departed soul will take place.

First the body of Queen Elizabeth will be brought from Balmoral Castle in Scotland to Buckingham Palace in London. There will be eight more days of official mourning since his body was placed at Buckingham Palace. She will then be cremated at Westminster Abbey.

Details of Queen Elizabeth’s funeral after her death

According to this report, the funeral program of Queen Elizabeth II will last for 10 days. Her body will be kept in the Wales Parliament for the first 3 days. Hers successor, son Prince Charles, will travel across the country before burying her. This would include all the countries that came to Great Britain.

96 shots will be fired

Her coffin will be carried from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey on a ceremonial route five days after her death. During this people will be able to see her body for the last time. During this, the Queen will be given a gun salute. Remembering every year of her life, the guns will be fired 96 times.

Military parade will follow

The Queen’s funeral will be rehearsed on the sixth day. During this there will be a military parade. Members of the royal family will also be involved in this parade. On the seventh day, King Charles will travel to Wales to receive another condolence motion in the Wales Parliament. They will also visit the Liandaff Cathedral in Cardiff.

Queen will be buried next to her husband

After this, the last rites of the Queen will be performed on the 10th day. A 2-minute silence will be observed across the country. The Queen will be buried in the King George VI Memorial Chapel after a ceremony at Windsor Castle. Queen Elizabeth will be buried next to her husband Prince Philip at Westminster Abbey. The day he is buried will be a day of national mourning and a holiday across the country.

Queen will be buried with Royal Insignias

The Queen’s coffin will be wrapped in Royal Standard. It consists of 3 golden loins, which represent Britain. Queen Elizabeth’s body will be placed in a coffin and brought to Westminster Abbey. After reaching here, the Imperial State Crown will be placed on the coffin. In addition, the orb and scepter, the symbols of the monarchy, will also be placed.

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