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Shocking! Apple iPhone 15 Costs Rs 7 Lakhs In THIS Country

The rising costs of mobile phones can largely be attributed to hefty import duties and taxes imposed on these devices.

Edited By : Saurav Gupta | Updated: Sep 21, 2023 18:25 IST
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Apple iPhone 15

The Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max, the most premium model in the iPhone 15 series, has been launched with a staggering price tag. Offering 1TB of storage, this variant is the pinnacle of Apple’s flagship lineup, which made its debut on September 12. However, the cost of this product varies significantly from one country to another. In India, it is priced at Rs. 1,59,000, but in Pakistan, the same model is listed at over Rs. 6 lakh (PKR), a remarkable difference.

This substantial price gap has sparked conversations and comparisons among Indians, who are astonished by the vast disparity in prices. Some attribute this difference to the economic challenges faced by certain countries due to the pandemic. In the case of Pakistan, reports indicate that the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max 1TB variant is even more expensive, exceeding Rs. 7.3 lakh (PKR).

A viral post by a user named Pallavi Pandey on a micro-blogging site brought attention to this significant price difference. Pandey pointed out, “Insane but also true that Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max costs Rs 7.3 lakh (PKR) in Pakistan.” Her post garnered over 281K views and generated discussions about the topic.

Here are some hilarious reactions:

Users commented on the potential costs of mobile data usage in Pakistan, with one individual estimating it to be around 300 rupees for 1GB. Others attempted to explain the price variation by converting Pakistani rupees to Indian rupees, highlighting the expensive nature of the device even for Indian consumers.

The rising costs of mobile phones in Pakistan can largely be attributed to hefty import duties and taxes imposed on these devices. Consequently, even the already high-priced iPhone has become out of reach for the average Pakistani consumer. The iPhone 15, for instance, is expected to hit the market with a price tag of Rs. 7 lakhs, and this is before accounting for taxes. Without these taxes factored in, it still carries a substantial cost of Rs. 5 lakhs.

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To provide some context, the price of an iPhone 15 in Pakistan is equivalent to the cost of a short educational degree program, approximately the value of 4 tolas of gold in the local market, or even comparable to the price of a modest second-hand car.

First published on: Sep 21, 2023 06:25 PM IST

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