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GreenHonchos powers D2C brand ecosystem in India with full-stack eCommerce platform

With the paradigm shifts in customer behaviour from offline to online shopping to phygital experiences, eCommerce retailers are reimagining their online market strategies to be a part of the thriving 50,000+ digital-first brands ecosystem in India and a $300 Bn opportunity. Amid the race to master the art of building a scalable D2C brand, it […]

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With the paradigm shifts in customer behaviour from offline to online shopping to phygital experiences, eCommerce retailers are reimagining their online market strategies to be a part of the thriving 50,000+ digital-first brands ecosystem in India and a $300 Bn opportunity. Amid the race to master the art of building a scalable D2C brand, it has become pertinent for brands to catch up with the latest trends and map their growth.  

With the rising need for building a fully-functional eCommerce store, D2C brands are knocking on the doors of multiple agencies to handle a myriad of digital functions. Ultimately, it lands the brands into managing multiple partners with a fragmented approach towards growing the brand online. Acting as an enabler to accelerate the D2C brand’s growth, GreenHonchos – a full-stack eCommerce enabler and consulting firm solves this challenge by offering technology, digital and operational solutions as an impetus to modern D2C brands for redefining their marketing strategy and scaling their business as a one-stop solution growth partner.

Over the last few years, GreenHonchos has become a go-to-market partner for new-age eCommerce and D2C brands leveraging almost a decade-long experience and intelligence of working with 150+ leading retail brands in India. It helps brands establish a top-of-the-mind presence in the minds of consumers leading to a higher share of their wallet spending.

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The business journey

For the initial three years, GreenHonchos started with understanding, experimenting and making inroads in the world of D2C by incubating its own D2C brand to better understand how it works rather than just providing the services. In 2015, the company officially started its enablement journey by onboarding brands when D2C enablers did not even exist in the market.

Talking about the present landscape, Navin Joshua, Founder of GreenHonchos, said, “The D2C bandwagon is a recent phenomenon and at a nascent stage in India. Furthermore, it is highly fragmented as the clients have to onboard multiple agencies to build a robust marketing strategy. Considering the nuances linked to building a successful eCommerce channel, all its nuts & bolts like tech stack, organic optimization, paid marketing, demand and content generation, the entire CRM, and post-order generation have to sync and work well. By the time the brand works with 5-6 agencies, it turns out to be complex.”

“The nationalized brand gave us a chance to work on this problem as an end-to-end enabler. We are the one-stop solution for brands to partner with as their e-commerce enabler anywhere in their e-commerce journey, so that is how the idea evolved,” added Navin.

Technology at core

As brands begin to grow their D2C, growth comes with different problems from inception to growth. This first print is largely setting up the small SaaS platform, pumping money in some performance marketing, and getting some revenue flowing in so businesses can be confident that they are ready to scale.

“Post-order returns management is probably the main problem a D2C brand faces. We have worked on the most seamless possibility of a fully automated solution on our GH stack. All of these have been enabled by the large dataset we have had for nearly a decade. We are also working on analytics or CDP, which can churn out better forms of data and results,” he added.

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To overcome the shortcomings in the Indian eCommerce sector, GreenHonchos has launched Kartmax – a part of the GH commerce cloud, which is ready for core web vitals that are best in class. It works to offer enhanced customer experience, from large catalogues or automation on landing pages to better algorithmic landing pages that call for higher conversion.

Through its tech-driven approach, the company has combated challenges that are unique to a higher denser population like India, including the seamlessness of post-order. Without involving third parties, it has created ways for businesses to plug play into its commerce cloud and focus on their product and their scale to create a higher converting platform.

Business growth

In the last two years, GreenHonchos has recorded a 200% growth and growth year on year after 2018. The company has capitalized on organic channels and word-of-mouth strategies to acquire more clients and by building a capability stack through design. Currently, the company has a team of 200+ eCommerce experts stationed in Delhi NCR. It has also created a strong presence in Bangalore with the leadership team and in Mumbai with an account management team. The company now has a clientele from the GCC market and is looking to grow in ASEAN markets as well. Given the growth and factors, the clients are active in that market and are also making acquisitions with tech stacks.

In addition, GreenHonchos has generated 10 billion dollars in revenue for its clients and has grown from 100 to 150 clients. Furthermore, the company has generated INR 2 Cr to 3 Cr revenue for one of its clients within 24 hours through its platform Kartmax.

GreenHonchos is aggressively working on its growth strategy and aiming to acquire over 250 brands and businesses in the e-retail space, where tech will be a crucial area for investment and growth in terms of platform and solutions. Additionally, the company is also planning to pour funds into the content-to-commerce journey to partner with brands and widen its marketing channels, including affiliate and influencer marketing.

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Expansion plans

GreenHonchos is focused on three key areas to boost its clients’ and business growth – Process Orientation, Technology Automation and Capability Building. Furthermore, it strives to optimize the profitability of brands by reforming the post-order management space and studying consumer behaviour and its impact on the pre-and post-order journey.

Besides this, GreenHonchos is developing a full-stop automation stack by harnessing data points across the marketing and logistics landscape and integrating them into Machine Learning, and developing AI-based modules around them to sharpen the output. The company has also ramped up its efforts to roll out advanced versions and modules of these platforms and automation initiatives.

By creating an omnichannel D2C growth story and leveraging the Adtech and Martech ecosystem, the company drives higher ROAS across platforms. Furthermore, it onboards the brands on a highly scalable, agile, and high-performing tech platform backed by GH technology to enable efficient and profitable growth. As a result, the company embeds a unique customer acquisition model, retention, and marketplace model that enables growth sustainability and scalability of D2C brand growth.

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First published on: Oct 17, 2022 07:28 PM IST

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