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Dont’t remember SBI YONO password and username? here’s how to reset

New Delhi: Internet has made things easier and better than ever before. Earlier, the work which used to take us hours to do, today it is completed in just a few minutes. The functioning of banks has also become easier today. There was a time when we had to go to the branch for every work related to the bank, but due to internet and technology, today all the work of the bank sitting at home is easily done. Today every bank has its own digital mobile application and website.

Today all the facilities related to the bank are available on these apps and websites. State Bank of India also provides mobile banking facility to the people through YONO SBI. Today people can see any work of the bank like banking, fixed deposit, transaction history etc. sitting at home. Not only the work of the bank but also you can do flight ticket booking, railway, bill payment etc.


What is

If you are a customer of State Bank of India, then you can enjoy mobile banking sitting at home through All you need to remember is your username and password to login to YONO SBI and you can connect to your bank at any time. Apart from this, you can also do work related to the bank through the website. To further improve the security in the mobile application, State Bank of India has also implemented 6 digit MPIN. It helps people to do security and fast work. But if for some reason you have forgotten your username and password of, then you can reset it sitting at home. That is, you do not need to go to the bank and you can reset your username and password sitting at home. Know what is the process for this.

How to reset username

  • If you have forgotten your password or username, then to reset it, first you have to go to you have to choose the personal banking option and go to login.
  • Now here you have to click on Forget User Name or Login Password. Then click on forget my username and fill the asked information like account CIF number, country, registered mobile number and captcha code.
  • After submitting it, an OTP will come on your registered mobile number, which you need to enter. As soon as you enter the OTP, you will see your user name on the screen and the same information will also come through SMS on the mobile.

Reset password like this

Just as you can reset the username, in the same way you can reset the password as well.

  • For this you have to go to and go inside personal banking and click on forget my login password.
  • Now here you have to fill your username, account number, country, registered mobile number and date of birth and captcha.
  • Now an OTP will come on your registered mobile number, after entering which you will be able to reset your password.


If you have forgotten MPIN then do this

If you know your username and password but have forgotten the MPIN, you can reset it as well. However, before resetting, you have to turn off the MPIN option by going to Settings.

  • For this, you log-in on your Yono mobile app through username and password.
  • Now here you will see the option of quick link and go to it and select the option of service request.
  • Now you will see the option of Emergency in which you have to choose ‘Manage MPIN’ option. Here you click on Remove MPIN and enter your SBI Profile Password. Keep in mind, not the login password but the profile password.
  • Now once again you will get an option to remove, do yes and remove your MPIN.

After this, click on the login option to create a new MPIN. Here you will see the option of Set MPIN. But for this, first you have to log in with the help of username and password. Only then you will be able to set a new MPIN. You will get an OTP to confirm, after which your MPIN will be generated.

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