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Book Uber rides via WhatsApp: Check step by step guide

New Delhi: Instant messaging app WhatsApp is widely used all over the world. Till now you must have heard or read that on WhatsApp you can make important documents, private talks with anyone, video calls or voice calls etc. But today we will tell you that you can also book a taxi through WhatsApp. Yes, this is absolutely true. You can book Uber cabs through WhatsApp. However, this facility is currently available for some selected cities. Gradually it will be expanded.

People of these cities can book cab through WhatsApp

Whenever we have to go from one place to another, we either use metro or book a cab in metro cities. The 2 apps that are most commonly used to book cabs are Ola (OLA) and Uber (UBER). You can now book Uber cabs through WhatsApp as well. Currently this facility is available in Lucknow and Delhi NCR. For this you just have to message on a mobile number and your cab will be at your location.


Book a cab with WhatsApp like this
Booking a cab with WhatsApp is very easy. Not only cab booking but you can also manage your ride from here.

  • To book an Uber cab through WhatsApp, you must first save the Uber official number (+91-7292000002) in your contact list.
  • Once the number is saved, you have to open Uber’s chat and start chatting. Here you have to write hi, after which you have to enter the pickup and drop location.
  • After this, you will get all the details of the fair from Uber. If you want to confirm the fare, then accept the ride and only then you will get a notification from Uber that your ride has been confirmed.

WhatsApp based booking is best for these people

This method is good for those people who occasionally go here and there by cab. This is because if you download and keep the Uber app in your mobile, then updates etc. come in it from time to time, due to which the storage of your mobile gets wasted. On one hand, you do not use this app much, on the other hand it also consumes your storage. In such a situation, it is prudent that you choose WhatsApp based cab booking. Due to this, the health of the phone will also be maintained and your work will not stop.

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