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Surprise Credit In Your Bank Account Might Be Scam; Three Women Threatened, Nudes Circulated

A surprise credit in the bank account is something everyone would love but this fantasy of many has turned into a scam now, thanks to the loan sharks.

Edited By : Riwa Singh | Updated: Apr 12, 2024 16:05 IST
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Cyber fraud

Do surprise credits in your bank account make your mood? Do you feel like nothing better than getting thousands and lakhs of money in your account without a reason? Well, get out of those fantasies because now it’s happening and not without reason. A 25-year-old lady from Andheri in Mumbai clicked on a link she received on her mobile phone on April 6 and received Rs. 1,800 in her account without asking.

Click and get trapped

What happened next is scary. She thereupon got half a dozen threatening calls asking to repay a loan. The loan which she never took. Being so cobwebbed she had to seek help and lodge an FIR at Powai police station on April 8.

Similar incidents happened with two other women in Mumbai who filed complaints against loan sharks. These loan sharks purposely dropped money through some link in their accounts without seeking consent. Just a random click and a small amount got credited.

Scary than you think

Refusing the repayment of uninvited loans invited a problem they never imagined. They received a dozen threatening calls and their morphed pictures were circulated throughout their contact list. These loan sharks also posted these pictures on social media mentioning the name and their mobile number in the caption.

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Not just banks, there are heaps of apps that provide loans, and people in dire need can’t stop but go for it. They extract extra ounces of money in the name of interest but because of their smooth facilitation in providing small loans, they seem to be a good deal to people who don’t have collateral to submit. But these loans become terrific at times. There are ample amounts of scams running via the internet in the name of loan providers. A single click could be dangerous!

First published on: Apr 12, 2024 03:51 PM IST

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