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Out or Not out? Test of your cricket knowledge; WATCH Video

New Delhi: Cricket is a beloved game in the sports world and fans may be the spectator of the game but their participation is highly valued for the players. 

In a video shared by International Cricket, a West Indies player can be seen taking a shot and accidentally hit the stumps behind him after the completions. 

ICC captioned it with ‘Out or Not out’ and fans tried their knowledge of the game. 

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 While some fans claimed it to be a clear out, other gave reason for it not being out.  One fan said it is not out, “Because shot is complete.”

Another fan said, “it the ball had gone out of boundary before hitting the stumps then it would be not out.”

You can also try out your understanding of the game and tell whether it is out of not.

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What is the rule of getting out on hitting stumps?

The law 35 of cricket states the way of getting out on hitting stumps. It says, “A batsman can be dismissed by the Hit Wicket method if he/she touches the bails or knocks the stumps while attempting to hit the ball.”

“Along with that the striker will be considered out Hit Wicket if the ball is in play and the wicket is struck down by his/her bat.”

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