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VIDEO: Virat Kohli Bringing Drinks In His Own Style, Fun-Filled Moment Goes Viral

Discover the delightful twist in the India-Bangladesh match as Virat Kohli's playful antics steal the spotlight.

Edited By : Mayank Kasyap | Updated: Sep 15, 2023 17:48 IST
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Screengrab of video showing Virat Kohli doing antics on field. (Photo Credit: X/DisneyPlusHotstar)
Screengrab of video showing Virat Kohli doing antics on field. (Photo Credit: X/DisneyPlusHotstar)

New Delhi: In an unexpected turn of events during the India-Bangladesh match in Colombo as part of the ‘Asia Cup 2023,’ a video capturing Virat Kohli’s delightful antics has taken the internet by storm. Even though India rested several key players for this match, including Kohli himself, the charismatic cricketer managed to steal the spotlight with his infectious humor.

Kohli’s playful gesture

On Friday, September 15th, the thrilling showdown between India and Bangladesh unfolded at Colombo’s R Premadasa Stadium. As the game intensified, the ever-energetic Kohli, along with Mohammad Siraj, decided to take the field bearing drinks for their fellow teammates. However, it wasn’t the beverages that drew attention; it was Kohli’s playful and lively demeanor that had fans in splits.

An endearing moment

During Bangladesh’s innings, when India clinched their second wicket, Kohli and Siraj sprung into action, strutting onto the field with an enthusiasm akin to that of a child on a playground. Kohli’s exuberant leap towards his teammates left spectators in stitches and warmed hearts across the globe.

Kohli’s infectious enthusiasm

Virat Kohli’s effervescent display offers a refreshing perspective on life, reminding us all to cherish the joyous moments. Fans flooded social media with adoration, with many expressing the sentiment that life should be lived with the same zest as Kohli’s. Amid the laughter and applause, some fans couldn’t resist but leave comments like, “Virat, you should never change.”

In essence, Virat Kohli’s heartwarming and spirited antics have once again endeared him to cricket enthusiasts, leaving us all with a valuable lesson: savor every moment with boundless enthusiasm. What are your thoughts on Virat’s playful style? Share your comments below!


First published on: Sep 15, 2023 05:48 PM IST

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