Big disclosure! Adult film star accuses basketball player of impregnating, abusing her

In a shocking revelation, an American porn star recently disclosed the abuse she endured, claiming that a veteran basketball player had an affair with her, got her pregnant, and then abandoned her. This poor adult film star is now raising her child on her own. In this regard, she recently posted a video on Instagram in which she is seen telling her heartbreaking story.

Had sex, became pregnant, and was then abandoned

Lana Rhoades, an American porn star, made a shocking revelation in a video she posted on social media. Actually, she claimed that a National Basketball Association (NBA) player had betrayed her in love. They were in a relationship with him, and when she became pregnant and wanted to have their child, he abused her and forced her to flee. Lana, on the other hand, did not reveal the child’s father’s name in her video.

Sharing the video, she stated, “I swear to God, I’ve always thought NBA players were nice people. What happened after that? I told him I was pregnant. He abused me and asked me to leave his life after hearing this.”

Users are sceptical of this player

Following Lana Rhodes’ viral video, people began to speculate as to which NBA player could be cheating on Lana. For this, fans are mocking Blake Griffin and Kevin Durant. Lana Rhodes’ fans assumed that her pregnancy was the result of her relationship with Mike Mazlak, but Lana’s revelations shocked them.

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