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After Shoaib Malik’s Third marriage, Sania Mirza’s Health Deteriorated; Kid Had To Endure Humiliation At School

After Shoaib Malik's third marriage with sana javed, Sania Mirza faces health issues and their kid had to endure humiliation at school.

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Sania Mirza and shoaib malik

Pakistani journalist Naeem Hanif has disclosed that Izhaan Mirza Malik, Sania Mirza’s son, was ridiculed at school following Shoaib Malik‘s third marriage. In an interview with Sama TV, Hanif said that he had spoken with Sania. It was Sania who informed him of this during this period. Tell you what, last month Shoaib Malik wed Pakistani actress Sana Javed. He’s been married three times. For a while, Shoaib and Sania Mirza’s relationship wasn’t working, and as a result, they decided to split. Via social media, Sania’s family members themselves verified her divorce.

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Sania Mirza On Shoaib Malik’s Third Marriage

The Times of India said that Pakistani journalist Naeem Hanif recently stated in an interview that he had spoken with Sania for Sama TV. Naeem claims that Sania Mirza said that the news of his father’s third marriage is emotionally upsetting to her and that she is deeply concerned about her son Izhaan’s mental health.

The journalist went on to say that Izhaan was the target of bullying at school. He has quit attending his school entirely because of how horrible things have gotten. Sania appears to have moved back to Hyderabad, her birthplace. He also shared a photo of his kid and his sister Anam Mirza’s daughter Dua on Friday, referring to them as “lifelines.”

Shoaib’s remarks regarding his divorce from Sania became viral on the internet a few days ago. “You should follow your heart’s intuition,” he stated. Never consider what other people might think. Never consider what other people might think. I promise you not to worry about it at all. You’ll do your thing, even if it takes some time to figure out what other people will think.” Whether it takes ten or twenty years, finish the task.

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