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Numerology, Today’s Horoscope, 5 September 2022: Mulank 3 Will Get Promotion, THIS Mulank Have To Be Careful

New Delhi: Numerology emerges from the branches of astrology. It is a very important topic because in the world of numbers your future is hidden. By numbers you can know how your coming time will be. How will your life be. With whom will you be friends, with whom will you be enmity? And many more you can know that through numerology. Today we will know how your day will be according to numerology. Will love relations be sweet in your life today? Will your health deteriorate? Your financial condition will change. We will know all this according to numerology.

Today is 5th September 2022 day is Monday. If we go in the world of numbers, then we will make numbers by adding today’s date


The digit of the date is made by adding the digits 2.
The lord of the number is considered to be the Moon. The happiness of the mental state of Mata Lakshmi, which is considered to be the factor of prosperity and mind.

Know how the day will be from 1 to 9 radix numbers.

Mulank 1

If you are born on the date 1,10,19,28 of any month then your radix becomes 1. So your zodiac lord is the Sun.
You will get the fruits of hard work in the workplace. If you are in government job then there is a possibility of promotion. There will be changes in business.

Money can be beneficial. Financial condition will improve. There will be stability in money, there will be no unnecessary expenditure.

Love Relationship – There will be sweetness in love relations, but due to excessive anger, you can abuse your partner, so control your speech.

You will feel an improvement in health, if there is a problem in the eyes, then do not do any kind of carelessness by taking care of the eyes.

good color cream
Remedy – Must read Shiv Chalisa.

Mulank 2

If you are born on 2,11,20,29 of any month then your radix becomes 2. The Moon becomes the lord of the zodiac.
You will get benefits in job and business. There is a need to work hard, without hard work there will be no results. If the business is in partnership then profit can be received by the partner.

There will be a change in the economic situation. There may be an exorbitant cost. Keep control of money.

love relationship
Relationships will be better. There will be an atmosphere of happiness in the family. Will spend less time with partner.

Being in a hurry can worsen health. Mental stress may arise. be in good shape.

good color peach
Remedy: Do worship of Shiva family.

Mulank 3
Whether you are born on 3rd, 12th, 21st or 30th of the month, your radix becomes 3. Your zodiac lord is Jupiter.

Career benefits will be available if there is a possibility of advancement in the job.

Financial condition will improve, money can be gained from elders. You can get money in business.

Love Relationship Respect the elders in the family. If any decision has to be taken, then definitely talk to the family members. There will be enthusiasm in love affairs.


Health Take care of health today. Do not let the problems related to the liver come. Do not eat fried outside.

lucky color yellow
Remedy Donate coconut.

Mulank 4

Born on 4,13,22,31 of any of your months, your radix will be 4. Your zodiac lord is Rahu.

There is a need to work hard to complete the work, there will be challenges in the workplace.

The financial situation will be mixed, there is less chance of getting more money.

love relationship
In love relationships, cataracts can come by keeping control on speech and anger, otherwise disputes can arise with the lover, there is a possibility of disputes in family life as well.

Health will be good. Be cautious about health, if there is a stomach related problem, then take utmost care of health.

lucky color pink
Remedy Apply white sandalwood on the forehead.

Mulank 5

If you are born on 5th, 23rd or 14th of any month then your radix becomes five. The lord of the zodiac is Mercury.

There will be success in the field of work, enthusiasm will remain in the work area and business. You can complete any old unfinished work today, due to which you will get success and promotion in the coming time.

Financial condition will be strong. Money will be beneficial. May incur unnecessary expenses.

love relationship
Married life will improve. Time will be spent with lover. For unmarried people, there can be good news related to the relationship.
Health will be good. You will feel stress free. You will remain energetic, due to which many tasks will be able to be completed today.

good color green green
Remedy Pour milk in a silver vessel and offer it to Shivling.

Mulank 6
If you are born on 6th, 24th or 15th of any month then your radix becomes 6. Your zodiac lord is Venus.

There is a need to work hard, challenges will have to be faced, without hard work there will not be enough results.

You will get success in financial condition. If you have invested money somewhere, then there is a possibility of making money from there.

love relationship
Time will be spent with lover, you can take any important decision in love relationship, there will be support of family.

There may be concerns about health, if there is a complaint of diabetes, then go ahead with constant care of health.

Lucky color bright white color.
Remedy: Put white sandalwood in water and offer it on a shilling.


If you are born on 7th, 16th or 25th of any month
So your radix becomes 7. Your zodiac lord is Ketu.

There will be good news in career. Old unfinished works will become unfinished, there is a need to work hard, without hard work, the work will not be completed.

Keep in mind the expenditure of money, do not let unnecessary money be spent. Money can also be spent more due to traveling more.

love relationship
Time is favorable for unmarried people. There is a possibility of getting the desired relationship. Relationship with family will be sweet.

Health will be better than before. Mental stress may arise. Don’t dispute with anyone.
auspicious color light orange
Remedy Donate white clothes.

Mulank 8
If you are born on the 8th, 17th or 26th of any of your months, then your radix becomes 8. The lord of your radix is ​​Saturn.

There can be promotion in the workplace. You can get some good news regarding business.

There can be profit regarding money. Money position seems to be improving. There is a possibility of sudden monetary gains.

love relationship
Relationship will improve, you will spend evening time with family members. You can make a program to go somewhere with your lover. If you are in a love relationship, you can get your lover reconciled with your family members.

Health will improve. The day will be auspicious for meditating. Do yoga meditation on this day.

good color purple
Remedy Donate rice today.

Mulank 9

You are born on 9th, 18th or 27th of any month, your radix becomes 9. Mars is the lord of your radix

Career will get benefits in career, but being angry can spoil your own work, so control anger.

There is a possibility of monetary gains, the financial situation will improve, but avoid unnecessary expenses.

love relationship
Relationships will improve. There will be sweetness in love relations. You can make a plan to go somewhere with your lover.

The state of mental stress will be reduced. Benefits will be received in health, you can do something new for health.

lucky color green
Donate white clothes.

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