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Mental, Emotional and Social Health Care is a MUST: Ishan Shivanand

New Delhi: A virtuoso in Yoga-based non-pharmaceutical Healing interventions and the Founder of the pathbreaking Yoga of Immortals program, Ishan Shivanand Ji conducted a 3-Day Intensive Prati Prasav Sadhana Shivir at Sri Shanmukhananda Hall, 292, Com. Harbanslal Marg, Sion East, Mumbai. Thousands of people attended the event and experienced various physical, emotional and mental health advantages.

The packed auditorium burst with energy, enthusiasm and happiness due to the flow of divine energies. After the Intensive Prati Prasav Sadhana Shivirs in Gurugram and Mumbai and Shiv Yog Healing Shivirs in Surat, Lucknow and Bengaluru mark the end of the super powerful series of Shivirs in India, for this year.

Shiv Yog Master Ishan Shivanand Ji has been working round-the-clock for various humanitarian causes, especially towards the realization and provision for mental and emotional healthcare. He has been awarded for his revolutionary work by the Governments of various countries.

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He has been training thousands of professionals from leading multinational companies, Government and non-Government organizations, Universities etc. towards making physical, mental and emotional Health and Wellness accessible and a wonderful experience for all. He has been designated as the Director of Mental Health Institutes recently.

Ishan Ji explains the ideal health model – that which is holistic and combines the ultimate good health and well-being of the body, mind and soul. The issues are internal and the remedies are internal too. This results in a good physique, excellent will power, shine on the face and skin, increased endurance, resilience and mental strength. This also manifests in good interpersonal relationships and freedom from all kinds of fears, traumas, phobias, problems and diseases.

With regular practice of Yoga of Immortals and other Shiv Yog Meditations and teachings, one can achieve agility, energy, youthfulness, wisdom, strength in all aspects, an inspiring personality and a balanced and complete Health quo. Shiv Yog aims at igniting the fire of spirituality, peace, good health, success and happiness in all homes.

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The Shiv Yog Foundation manages multiple charitable projects around the world to support the underprivileged – children, elderly, woman and homeless and the environment – tree plantation and environmental conservation.

Millions of people around the world have attended Shiv Yog programs and practice the Meditations and wisdom regularly. They have experienced marvellous results at Work, home, social and personal life.

Ishan Shivanand Ji is the disciple of Dr. Avdhoot Shivanand, the Himalayan yogi and Founder of the Shiv Yog Foundation, that works tirelessly towards various altruistic causes through Meditations, Yoga, Healing and selfless service activities. Through pathbreaking and potent meditations based on the ancient Sanatan Dharma, he has brought Hope, Awareness, Realization and Purpose to millions of families.

Ishan Ji has vowed to enable the entire planet to attract abundance, prosperity, happiness, divine grace, mental and emotional well-being and is working continuously towards achieving this goal.

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