Lunar eclipse 2022: Pregnant woman must be alert during eclipse! details here

Lunar eclipse 2022: The fourth eclipse of this time will occur today. At the same time, this is the year’s second and last lunar eclipse. There is a total moon eclipse today. The eastern section of the country will get a full moon, while the rest of the country will have a partial lunar eclipse.

The Sutak period of this eclipse will be valid in this case. Sutak will take 12 hours to complete before the eclipse begins. Which will conclude with the eclipse’s conclusion. Sutak will begin at 5:53 a.m., with the eclipse beginning at 5:53 p.m. and ending at 6.19 p.m.

Having two big eclipses within 15 days is considered unlucky in astrology. This eclipse is the second in a 15-day period. The last solar eclipse of the first year occurred on October 25, the second day of Diwali.

Pregnant women should exercise extreme caution during the eclipse. As a result, these tasks should be avoided during the eclipse.

Pregnant women are advised to stay at home during lunar eclipse, as according to scriptures, lunar eclipse can affect one’s pregnancy. Therefore, during the time of eclipse, women should stay at home.

Pregnant women are advised not to eat anything during the eclipse. Because it is believed that the rays falling during the eclipse spoil the food.

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Apart from this, it is also believed that before the eclipse, the address of Tulsi ji should be given in all the food items. By doing this the food remains pure even after the eclipse.

According to astrology, pregnant women should recite Hanuman Chalisa by keeping Tulsi in their mouth to avoid the outbreak of eclipse.

It is also believed that pregnant women should take bath immediately after the eclipse period is over.

Pregnant women are advised to exercise caution. Therefore, one should avoid doing these works during the eclipse.

During the eclipse, the light coming from the eclipse should not fall on the body of pregnant women. Therefore pregnant women should not leave the house during the eclipse.

One should take a bath before the eclipse.

One should remember God during the eclipse.

Do not keep negative thoughts in your mind.

Stay away from the situation of tension and controversy.

Don’t get angry and arrogant. Keep yourself completely calm.

Do not use or touch any sharp objects.

Do not use needle and thread during eclipse.

Mantras should be chanted during the eclipse.

Pregnant women should also avoid sleeping during the eclipse.

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