Today’s horoscope, 29 November 2022: With the grace of Hanuman ji, all works of Aries, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius will be done; know your day here

Today’s horoscope, 29 November 2022: Today’s date is November 29, the day is Tuesday (Mangalwar Ka Rashifal). In astrology, auspicious and inauspicious clocks are formed by the movement of planets, which have positive and negative effects on our lives. Means today is auspicious, normal or bad day for you.

Here astrologer Deepa Sharma is telling about all the 12 zodiac signs according to the moon sign, today’s horoscope (Rashifal). You can make your day special by adopting the suggestions given.

There are a total of 12 zodiac signs in the horoscope and each person’s zodiac sign is different. If you know your zodiac sign, then with its help, you can know through this post that how will be your day today?


Today is going to be a mixed day because mental worries will remain today. Avoid being emotional otherwise someone can take advantage. (mesh rashifal today) Health will also be a little soft. But the support of the family will boost your spirits. Along with this, the financial condition will also be very good. Love relations will be good today. Do give time to the partner.

auspicious number-2

lucky color – red

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Will be very creative today. Because of which today will take part in a lot of creative works. Today the mood will also be very romantic. Will go out for a walk in the evening. (vrishabh rashifal today) Today the sum of profit is being made in business. Give importance to your life partner instead of outside people.

Lucky Number- 3

lucky color – white


Students need to remain focused today. Saturn’s vision can distract. Today your personality will be very influential. (mithun rashifal today) Be it work area or home, your importance will be understood, but take care of your health. Eating more chili spices can cause stomach problems. Avoid arguing in love relationship.

Lucky Number- 9

lucky color – green


Today, the lord of the zodiac is suffering from Shani, due to which today you may complain of some phlegm and cold, but by the evening you will get relief. (kark rashifal today) Today will be a beneficial day for media cloth traders and silver traders. Excess of expenses can spoil the budget. Spend wisely. Along with this, today the mind can be somewhat irritable. You have to maintain sweetness in relationships. Otherwise it can get spoiled.

Lucky Number- 2

lucky color – gray


Today all the focus will be towards the children. It is time to get success in the result of an exam which was awaited for a long time. Attention will also be paid towards technical education. (singh rashifal today) Government works for which you have been waiting for a long time will be completed. Relationships will be sweet as well as strong.

Lucky Number- 4

Lucky Colour- Maroon


The day is very good for those doing business in partnership. Time is good for the promotion of those who are in the job. You may get angry on small things, keep a little control. (kanya rashifal today) Time is good to buy a property vehicle. But think carefully. Avoid taking disputed property. Avoid getting entangled with life partner.

Lucky Number- 4

lucky color – pink


Today it will be very important to control speech. Otherwise the old relations may get spoiled. But today luck will be very strong. (tula rashifal today) All the work will be done by evening, but in spite of this his mind will remain distracted. There will be sometimes hot and sometimes soft mood with the partner.

Lucky Number- 3

Lucky Colour- Parrot Green


Today, the relationship with the elder brother will be sweet and there will be profit, but the day will be of ups and downs for the gold traders. You will be praised in the workplace. (vrishchik rashifal today) The results of your creative activities will be visible in the coming times. If you are thinking of getting married, then it would be better to wait for a while.

Lucky Number- 7

lucky color – orange


There is a possibility of profit in matters related to house, house, vehicle, property and land. Can buy and sell. Today only through hard work, we will be able to achieve our position. (dhanu rashifal today) Today any difficult task will be successful and easy with the help of friends. Today will be spent in the acquisition of happiness and means. Take care of your partner’s health today.

Lucky Number- 5

Lucky Colour- Golden Yellow

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Today we will keep our mind in mind. Will hesitate to share with anyone which is not a good behavior. Today the whole focus will be on earning money. (makar rashifal today) Also will be busy in how to fulfill all the responsibilities towards the family. Take care of mother’s health, it can deteriorate. Will feel very emotional in love relationship today.

Lucky Number- 6

lucky color – sky blue


Today the nervous system will remain weak. Also can feel pain in the feet. Today there can be a dispute or estrangement with the father on something. Keep distance. (kumbh rashifal today) You can also get cheated by a special close friend or the relationship can get spoiled. If you love someone, then propose for marriage today.

Lucky Number- 1

lucky color – blue


Be careful in money related matters today, because there can be loss of money. Control your speech as well, otherwise the work done can get spoiled. There will be some tension in the mind this morning. (meen rashifal today) After that you will feel lighter till afternoon. Today, we will solve all our tasks very wisely. The program to go for a walk will be made in the evening. Today the meeting with the friends of the partner will make it very pleasant.

Lucky Number- 6

lucky color – yellow

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