Zoo worker attacked by lion in Montreal

Ottawa:A zoo worker has suffered serious injuries after being mauled by a lion at the Granby Zoo in the Canadian city of Montreal, the media reported. The lion on Monday attacked one of the three zoo workers when they were performing routine maintenance in the lion's den, which houses two males and a female, Xinhua news agency reported. The lion was driven off after another worker sprayed the animal with a high-pressure water hose and CO2 gas, which the zoo said is standard procedure when an attack occurs. The victim, a woman in her 20s, has suffered injuries to her lower body and a cervical fracture. She was transported to a hospital and in stable condition. An investigation by the Health and Work Safety Commission was under way. All three lions have been isolated after the attack and made unavailable for public viewing. It is not the first time a worker at a Canadian zoo has been hurt by a big cat. In 2013, a zookeeper was gravely injured after being attacked by a Siberian tiger at the St-Felicien zoo, Quebec. IANS