Zayn Malik urges fans to help save life of mother?s friend

New York, May 2 (IANS) Former One Direction singer Zayn Malik has urged people to help fund cancer treatment for his mother's best friend.

Malik asked his followers to "help in any way possible" in a post on Twitter, linking to a GoFundMe page for Ayesha Butt, reports

Butt, 47, is suffering from terminal lung cancer according to the site and is attempting to raise 120,000 pounds for potential life-extending treatment in Istanbul.

On the page, she wrote: "My friend is funding all travel and accommodation costs, etc, this means that every penny raised will be spent on treatment only, whether or not your donation is 50p, 1 pound, or 50 pounds every single penny helps, and I am so grateful for this.

"Life is for living and with your help, I intend to do so, alongside my daughter who deserves to have her mummy around for much longer."