Zabardast: Kapil Sharma, Sunil Grover together again

New Delhi, Nov 9: Comedian Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover weaved their magic together in their famous show 'The Kapil Sharma Show'. However, their bitter fallout  after their mid-air brawl caught everyone's attention earlier this year. The incident earned both the comedians plenty of negative publicity. 

Sunil hasn't been officially associated with any comedy shows until now and was seen doing only live programmes, the moment he left The Kapil Sharma Show.

However, there is great piece of news for the fans of Kapil and sunil. In an interview to mid-day, Kapil has revealed his plans to collaborate with Sunil one more time. Kapil said he'd discuss it with Sunil once the latter returns from Canada.

"Sunil and I haven't met in a long time, but we chat over messages. He is currently in Canada. As soon as he returns, we will meet up and discuss the possibility of a new show. Hopefully, we should be back together. The rest of the cast members are also ready to come on board," Kapil was quoted as saying by mid-day.

After Grover left The Kapil Sharma Show, it suffered tremendously and its TRP ratings also dipped badly.

"The channel (officials) didn't ask me to go off air. It was a mutual decision between us as I thought we needed to take a break. Also, I felt a lot was written on the controversy that happened," Kapil added.