Zabardast! 2-in-1 smartphone is here, check out this unique phone

New Delhi, May 2:If you are thinking about buying a smartphone, you have another option now. It's the latest in the market, and is unique in more than one ways. You may not believe it, but this smartphone will actually control your TV sets and ACs.

Domestic mobile manufacturer Videocon on Tuesday launched a new Krypton 22 smartphone in India at Rs 7,200. The device, which comes with VoLTE and VoWiFi, also has 'IR Blaster' that can control televisions, set-top boxes, stereo sound systems, air conditioners and DVD players.

"Videocon's vision has been to come up with products that not just meet consumers' needs but exceed their expectations. With Krypton 22, we want to make sure that this new product delights our consumers in every way," Akshay Dhoot, Head of Technology and Innovation, Videocon, said in a statement.

The device features MiraVision display, has 2GB of RAM and comes with "SOS-Be-Safe" and panic button.