Your WhatsApp old chats are in danger, know what to do

New Delhi, Jan 11- Popularity comes With its own problems- this is the best way to describe the Current situation of popular chat application WhatsApp. Where on one side the increasing popularity of the application has encouraged Whatsapp in order to bring new features on the platform, on the other side of it has also opened the doors for hoax messages, scam and bugs for the application. In the newly bug-related case, some WhatsApp customers are reporting cases of vanishing messages From Whatsapp.

A WhatsApp user who's Name is  Bharat Mishra reported the case of disappearing messages on various blogs and portals. His post has as well been shared by WaBetaInfo. He wrote that every morning he finds out that one or two of his old chats on his smartphone Moto G4 Plus are mysteriously missing from WhatsApp.

"Since last month chat history has been disappearing chronologically. Now the trend has changed, every morning I find one or two chat history disappeared. I'm using Moto G4 Plus mobile and recently got to know through Google search that there are many people facing the same issue. Surprisingly WhatsApp doesn't revert to this problem as more than 25 mails I have written to their support team. I had tried reinstalling app almost five times and reset my mobile too but nothing changed. I even stopped using antivirus and cleaning app to avoid any confusion," he Noted

Just in order to recall, a similar case was reported by one more WhatsApp user in the month of  October. She vocalizes that she had been facing the issue since the month of April. WhatsApp has not responded to any of the complaints yet but we are supposing that these customers might not have backed up their conversation on Google drive which is why their old chats are being deleted.

WhatsApp in the month of August 2018 had announced a collaboration under which all chats from the application which were backed to the Drive account would not count against your data storage and the backups which have not been updated in more than 1 year will be automatically removed from Google Drive storage. This might be one reason because of which  WhatsApp users are facing loss of their chat history, bugs, of course, could be another possibility.

WhatsApp allows their users to backup all your chats and media to Google Drive so that all your data could be easily transferred to a new device in case you change your handset or buy a new one. In order To create the WhatsApp backup, one need to go to Menu icon > then to Settings > then Chats >then  Chat backup>and click on Back up to Google Drive> select a backup frequency other than Never> select a Google account that you will back up your chat history to and just follow the instructions to back up the data.

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