Your old notes will come back to you

New Delhi: The old notes of Rs 1,000 and Rs 500 notes that you have deposited may one day be  come back to you one day. The only thing is that you may not recognise them. They will be in a different form altogether.

The old notes may come to you in the form of cardboard, egg trays, brown paper or some other stationery items.

The old deposited at bank branches are first verified (for fakes) then packed in bundles and sent to RBI. The RBI then gets them verified at its Chandigarh centre. After verification the notes are transferred to shredding and briquetting systems. Here the notes are first cut into strips and then compressed into briquettes of different sizes.

Then a vendor takes these briquettes to a factory where these are turned into pulp using chemicals. Then the pulp is used to make stationery items, souvenirs, egg trays and brown paper.  So be ready to say welcome home to your old notes. (News24Bureau)