Your iPhone battery will last 72 hours..Here's the trick

New Delhi, Nov 18: If you are using iPhone running on iOS 11 and have battery draining problems, here's what you can do.

Recently iPhone and iPad users flooded their anger on social media regarding the same after which YouTube customer support promised it is “actively working to fix this”.  

According to the reports, YouTube has some bugs on iOS 11 that affects devices running out of battery after watching videos.


Whatever be the cause but if its bug it is severely impacting users’ battery life.

Here're some of the tweets that iOS users wrote on social media to voice their frustration.


A Twitter user tweeted, "Recently purchased a new iPhone or upgraded to iOS 11.1.1? Well, there’s one popular app that you might want to stay away from, as it’s wrecking havoc on battery life. There appears to be a bug affecting the YouTube app that severely affects battery life and causes overheating."



On which another Twitter user shared his experience"iOS 11, you are f***ing up my battery life. 98% to 11% by just watching one YouTube video. @Apple come on man.”  


While iOS users are getting frustrated about their battery life, but its good thing is that YouTube is already working on it and will fix it soon.