You will become a CROREPATI if you have Re 1 note

New Delhi, Dec 4: We get scores of currency notes in our day to day life which we submit either in our bank accounts or shop keepers while purchasing some items. In these currencies we also get rare notes which carry rare serial numbers. And, it is not easy to get hold of such currency notes. There are number of people all over the world who pursue the hobby of collecting  such currency notes with rare serial numbers. 

If you also have these currencies notes with special serial number, then you can easily become a crorepati by just selling them. eBay is giving you this special opportunity. At this wbsite, you have very strong chance to become a crorepati by selling Re 1 to Rs  500 and other denomination. Today if we look at the value of Re 1, we can hardly get anything if we step out in the market place. But, have you ever thought this small currency can ever make you a crorepati. Yes, it is indeed true and you should try your luck at the website. 

The Re 1 note carrying the signature of Montek Singh Ahluwalia is being sold at the e-commerce wbsite in Rs 11 lakh. Users make a bid on this e-commerce website and who will make the highest bid will get the currency. 

Similarly, Rs 1000 note is also being sold at the website and its value is estimated at whopping Rs 1 crore. Duirng the printing process, ink fell on this Rs 1000 note and the serial number is also very rare. 

At eBay, two new Rs 100 note is being sold in Rs 2 lakh 50 thousand. The specialty of these notes is that the serial numbers carry digit 786 and  six zero. 

So what are you waiting for, try you chance today and you can also become a crorepati.