You are having Chinese bread made of cardboard, animal fat

New Delhi: Yet another intrusion by the Chinese, this time the intrusion is not on the border but in your stomach. Yes, it is true. The Chinese are intruding your tummy through bread made from cardboard and animal fat. This bread is potentially dangerous for your health.

For the Chinese, making bread from wheat flour (aata) and fine wheat flour (maida) is something of a bygone era. They are now into chemical breads, which has reached your table.

Everybody is discussing the Chinese bread, which looks and tastes similar to the bread we normally eat, the difference being that Chinese bread is a slow poison that can take you to hospital.

How Chinese make bread

1.      Cardboard is treated with chemicals and then left for few days

2.      When the cardboard melts, then animal fat is mixed with it. This makes it soft

3.      To remove the pungent odour from the mixture, flavoured powder is mixed

4.      To make bread shine, 60% cardboard content is ensured

5.      The balance 40% is animal fat

6.      Animal fat softens the cardboard and makes bread look like the normal bread