Yogi Govt asks rich Muslims to give up Haj subsidy

Lucknow: Yogi Adityanath government of UP is taking cues from the Narendra Modi government at centre. Like PM Modi's appeal for giving up LPG subsidy, UP government wants rich Muslims to give up Haj subsidy.  

"Haj pilgrimage is a very important aspect for all the Muslims across the world as it is like a dream for them. A poor also wishes for the same. Therefore, I urge to the people who have enough facilities to go on Haj pilgrimage to not take subsidy and kindly think about those who are unable to earn enough to fulfil their dreams,"  Muslim Waqf and Haj Minister Mohsin Raza Khan said on Saturday.

Raza said that the government will make sure that desrving Muslims get this subsidy. He added that the Modi government at Centre has increased the subsidy from Rs 21,000 to Rs 29,000 for UP.

The Centre gives subsidy to Muslims for Haj by reducing airfares in official carrier Air India and has a quota for different states.