Yogi Dhamaka! In just Rs 13 get Breakfast + Lunch+ Dinner

Lucknow: What 'Amma' did to Tamil Nadu, Yogi Adityanath is doing to Uttar Pradesh. You will never be hungry again in Yogi Pradesh. The UP CM has decided to give nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinner free -well, almost free.

Yogi is ready with his 'Annapoorna Bhojanalaya' scheme. The scheme is aimed at providing cheap and healthy food to service class, rickshaw pullers, daily wage labourers. The plan is to give breakfast in Rs 3 and while lunch and dinner will be provided for  Rs 5. That the food will be of high quality is evident from the menu.

Breakfast Menu: Dalia, Idli-Sambhar, Poha, Chai-Pakora

Lunch/Dinner Menu: Roti, Rice, Arhar Daal, Seasonal Vegetables

The scheme will be implemented across the all the 14 municpal corporations in the state and will be run under Pubic-Private Partnership