Yoga Day 2019: Vajrasana improves your digestive system, strengthens legs, thighs

Vajrasana has many health benefitsNew Delhi, News24 Bureau, June 13: As the world gears up to welcome the International Yoga Day 2019, PM Narendra Modi who is a great Yoga enthusiast, is posting the benefits of one asana daily. Today again, he took to his Twitter handle to share the benefits of Vajrasana, which is considered a very powerful asana and improves the digestive system. Vajrasana also strengthens the nerves and muscles of the legs and improves the blood circulation in the lower limbs. here are the Five benefits of Vajrasana:

1. Vajrasan enhances blood circulation in the lower abdomen thus improving digestion.2. Sitting in Vajrasana after all meals will improve your digestive system and strengthen it further.3. It relieves excessive gas trouble or pain within minutes.4. This wonder asana also strengthens nerves of legs and thighs. this also makes knee and ankle joints flexible and prevents certain rheumatic diseases.5. Since the spine is erect without much effort this asana is also beneficial for the practice of pranayama and as a preparatory for meditation.Pic Google