Yoga Day 2019: Shalabhasana works best for spondylitis and a strong back

Wonders of ShalabhasanaNew Delhi, News24 Bureau, June 17: As the International Yoga day nears, it brings along with it more awareness about the importance of Yoga in day-to-day life. The awareness is further enhanced as the regular posts by Prime minister Narendra Modi wherein he chooses one Yogasana a day and describes it visually where the benefits of the asana are given in detail.

Shalabhasana works wonderfully for stressed and strained backs and also is very beneficial for those suffering from spondylitis.

The precautionary measures that one is supposed to take before performing that particular asana is also given. So don't miss this elaborate and comprehensive video.For stronger wrists, back muscles and toned tummy Shalbhasan is a very good Yogic posture. this wonderful asana with many other benefits also is very good prevention from spondylitis.In a hectic lifestyle of today when most of the work is done in the office in a sitting posture, Shalabhasana is very beneficial and helpful.This asana has many benefits and mentioned below are the highlights:

- Shalbhasan is very good for a strong back and toned muscles.  It gives a toned butt and strengthened hamstrings- This asana also develops concentration and focus and gives a calm disposition and sharp focus.- If you have a wrong posture, sloppy shoulders and a bit bent back then Shalbhasan is good for posture correction and toning of the back.- With Shalbhasan the lower back and the spine are also strengthened.- Shalbhasana also makes you much more flexible and agile-If you have to walk long distance Shalbhasan is of great help. Walking long distances becomes much easier with the Salabhasana being practised daily.- Shalbhasan can help in refreshing fatigued people also.-Concentration is significantly enhanced and therefore students should practice this asana regularly.- It also activates the bowel movements and one can expect clear bowel movements if the Salabhasana is practised regularly.

-This is also beneficial for the arthritis of the knees.

- Very few people know that this asana works wonders for those suffering from depression and weak concentration.

Lifting too high or too quickly as you come into Salabhasana can trigger a cramp in the soles of your feet, hamstrings, or lower back

Pregnant women should avoid this asana

Who should not do Shalbhasan:

-Those who are suffering from acute back pain should avoid this asana. They can begin by lifting one leg at a time.

-Those having high blood pressure should also avoid Shalbhasana.

-Pregnant ladies should avoid doing this 

-Patients suffering from heart disorder should avoid this asana.

-People suffering from peptic ulcer and hernia should also avoid practising this asana.

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