Yoga Day 2019: Modi's health secret, 8 asanas that keep PM fit, energetic

Yoga Day 2019: Modi's health secret, 8 asanas that keep PM fit, energetic

New Delhi, News24 Bureau, June 12: As International Yoga Day is nearing, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, tweeted a series of animated version performing 'Vakrasana', 'Bhadrasana', 'Ustrasana', 'Padahastasana', 'Ardha Chakrasana', 'Vriksasana', 'Tadasana', 'Trikonasana'. With each video, PM Modi described the health benefits of all asanas, which has magical health benefits.

Here we have listed few more health benefits of asanas listed by PM Modi: 

Vakrasana (Simple Spinal Twist):  

Physical Benefits: Vakrasana helps in improving the overall health of abdominal organs. It improves digestion and regulates the secretion of digestive juices. The twist helps in reducing the accumulated belly fat and increases the elasticity of spine.

PM Modi tweeting an animated version of the video, wrote, ''Have you ever practiced Vakrasana? Its advantages are numerous and long lasting. Watch this video. #YogaDay2019.''


Physical Benefits: It is a Sanskrit word, which means gracious yoga. Bhadrasana helps in improving the health of knee and joints as it activates Mooladhara chakra. There are multiple benefits of Bhadrasana, as it also helps in strengthening hip joints. It reduces stomach stress, regulates menstrual cycle and if practiced during pregnancy, chances of normal delivery increases.

Tweeting the animated video, PM Modi wrote, ''भद्रासन शरीर को दृढ़ रखता है और मस्तिष्क को स्थिर करता है। आइए जानते हैं इस आसन के और कितने सारे फायदे हैं। #YogaDay2019.''   

Ustrasana (Camel Pose):  

Physical Benefits: Ustrasana which is also known as Camel pose, helps in strengthening and improving the flexibility of the body. Ustrasana also increases core strength and stamina of body.

Tweeting an animated video, PM Modi wrote, ''Ustrasana is wonderful for your health. Practising this Asana regularly will strengthen the back, shoulders and improve flexibility. Learn this Asana and make it an integral part of your daily Yoga routine. #YogaDay2019.''

Padahastasana (Hand Under Foot Pose):

Physical Benefits: Padahastasana, which is also known as Hand Under Foot Pose, has multiple health benefits. Padahastasana not just improves the physical health but acts as a miracle for spiritual health as well as it unlocks different chakras.

Sharing an animated version of Padahastasana, PM Modi, wrote, ''Do you practice Padahastasana? If not, know more about it and the numerous advantages of this Asana. #YogaDay2019.''

Ardha Chakrasana (Half Wheel Pose):  

Physical Benefits: Ardha Chakrasana which is called as Half Wheel Pose in English, has multiple health benefits and it mainly helps in strengthening the back and improving blood circulation. Ardha Chakrasana also helps in getting rid of unwanted fat from thigh and stomach. It also helps in toning the pose.

''Stronger back, better blood circulation and more…Know why practising Ardha Chakrasana is helpful. #YogaDay2019,'' wrote PM Modi, sharing an animated video.

Vriksasana (Tree Pose):

Physical Benefits: Vriksasana, which also known as Tree Pose, helps in improving the flexibility of body. Vriksasana helps in strengthening the leg muscles and helps in developing the stability.

Tweeting about Vriksasana, PM Modi wrote, ''वृक्षासन हमारे शरीर और मस्तिष्क के लिए कितना फायदेमंद है? आइए देखते हैं इस वीडियो में... #YogaDay2019.''

Tadasana (Mountain Pose):

Physical Benefits: Tadasana, which is also called as Mountain Pose and heavenly stretch pose, has multiple health benefits. It not just improves the flexibility of he body but also helps increasing height of growing children.


''Doing Tadasana properly would enable you to practice many other Asanas with ease. Know more about this Asana and its benefits. #YogaDay2019.'' wrote PM Modi, sharing the video on his Twitter handle.  

Trikonasana (Triangle Pose):

Physical Benefits: Trikonasana is also called as Triangle pose and helps in stretching hips and back muscles. It also improves the flexibility of chest and shoulders. It also helps in improving the nerves.

''On 21st June, we will mark #YogaDay2019. I urge you all to make Yoga an integral part of your life and also inspire others to do the same. The benefits of Yoga are tremendous. Here is a video on Trikonasana,'' tweeted PM Modi.

Image courtesy: PM Narendra Modi/Instagram