Yoga allowed in Islamic Saudi Arabia..Indian Muslim clerics red-faced

New Delhi, Nov 14: In a major victory for PM Narendra Modi's efforts to popularise Yoga in the world, Islamic Saudi Arabia on Tuesday officially recognised Yoga as a sport. It is a slap on the face of Indian Muslim clerics who have been opposing Yoga, calling it 'haram' under Islam.   

The Saudi trade and industry ministry has listed yoga under sports activity, and any Saudi citizen can practice yoga by getting a licence. The victory for yoga is result of efforts of an Arab woman Nouf Marwaai, Saudi Arabia's  first certified yoga instructor. Marwaai feels that yofa improves life and thus there can be conflict between yoga and religion (read Islam)

The Saudi move is a lesson for the Muslim clerics like the eones who issued fatwa against Jharkhand's Muslim yoga instructor Rafia. Not only Rafia, the hardliners also harassed and threatened her family.