In yet another tale of shame, deaf-dumb children abused sexually by the caretaker in a MP Shelter Home

New Delhi, News24 Bureau, Sep 14: According to the latest update MP Awasthi has been arrested.

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With this news, the nation hangs its head again in shame. Just a couple of weeks after the Muzaffarpur Shelter Home case, which is often referred to as the Hall of Shame, comes yet another story of a shameful act inside the Shelter Home which was housing deaf and dumb children. These children were being brutally exploited by shelter home caretaker MP Awasthi.
This devil in the disguise of a caretaker was exploiting the helpless children, who could not see or hear the cruel advances and voice of this rapist and could never protest as they had no voice.

According to the reports, this gruesome act was going on since 2004. In February 2017 one deaf-dumb girl had registered her protest but astonishingly, she pleas and cried went unnoticed.
The whole herd of bereaved children is going door to door with their pleas, which is not being heeded even by social justice department official Krishna Gopal Tiwari.
As of today, the children along with the interpreter are in search of the much-eluded justice.

Awasthi was running four shelter homes and everywhere it was the same tale of exploitation.