Karnataka ka Natak LIVE..Yeddy resigns before floor test

Bengaluru, May 19: Karnataka CM has resigned after he introduced the confidence vote in Assembly before the floor test. 

Before resigning, Yeddyurappa gave an emotional speech and said:  

- Will win 150 seats in next elections

-Will gift 28 seats to Modi in 2019

- MLAs should vote for same Govt in state and Centre

-I have traveled throughout the state for the last two years and have seen pain on the faces of people. I can't forget the love & affection I received from people:  

-People voted against the misgovernance of Congress

-Cong, JD(S) have cheated people as they fought against each other and have joined hands for power

- Will die for the cause of farmers

- People voted for BJP as party's seatwent up from 40 to 104

- Siddaramaiah had abused father of HD Kumaraswamy

-Siddaramaiah had vowed thea Kumaraswamy will never become CM