Wow..We bet you've never heard of these quick weight loss hacks!

New Delhi: In this era of technology, people have become careless towards their body and bother less about being fit which results in several diseases and obesity.

Controlling diet is not an easy task and adapting new dieting habits is a tricky thing. To make weight loss an easy task for you, here are 5 unconventional tricks to get rid of that extra layer of fat from your body in no time:

-Start eating alone!

According to studies, people who eat in groups tend to eat more. Eating with a group means that you are spending more time at the table. You talk, laugh and forget about controlling your intake. So, when you are dining with a lot of people, be mindful of your portion and all will be great.

-Banana and Apple to the rescue!

It has been proven that smelling foods such as banana, apple or mint can deceive your brain into believing that your stomach is full.

-Order for yourself from the menu!

When you are dining out, take some time to the read the menu. Experts say that people who do not order their own meal tend to eat almost everything on the table even when their stomachs are full.

-Make 'Blue' your favourite colour!

A recent study revealed that blue colour can decrease your appetite. This is the reason why you will rarely find any restaurant with blue interiors. So shop for blue plates, glasses, bowls and spoons.

-Make Mirror your meal buddy!

As per the finding by the University of Central Florida in 2015, eating food while gazing at your own reflection causes you to eat less. Eating unhealthy foods while you stare at yourself in the mirror causes psychological discomfort.