Wow..Cops will pay you Rs 5000 for this!

New Delhi: Now police will be also liable to pay you fine incase of delay! In case, police is unable to complete your passport verification in 20 days, cannot provide a copy of an FIR on the same day a complaint is lodged or does not release an impounded vehicle in three days despite conclusion of formalities, a cop could end up paying a penalty of Rs 5,000 or a Rs 250 daily fine.

The penalties are to promote good practices, accountability and transparency in police services.

The apex police research body has listed 45 services as 'Public Delivery Services' which are related to police work like verification of passports, tenants and foreigners; issuance of licence; no objection certificate for a music programme; post-mortem reports; NOC for protest, apart from arrests, investigations and regular policing. If it is found that a police officer designated for a particular service failed to provide the service without appropriate and reasonable reason, he will have to pay Rs 5,000.

Also, if it is found that a particular service has been delayed beyond the stipulated time, the police officer will have to pay Rs 250 each day of the delay.