Wow! This ceiling fan has anti-suicide 'App'

New Delhi: Deceased model Nafisa Joseph continues to inspire people and see how! The unfortunate death of the glamorous model inspired Sharad Ashani, a retired Crompton Greaves assistant general manager to invent and design an anti-suicide ceiling fan rod. The mechanism is simple: When a person attempts suicide by trying to hang himself from the fan rod, the rod disengages from the fan because there is an unlatching mechanism which is activated the moment the weight of the fan exceeds beyond the prescribed limit. And the person lands safely on the ground. 

What further inspired him to tackle the rising menace of suicide was the data from the National Crime Record Bureau which said that out of 1.3 lakh people committing suicide every year 60,000 were by hanging.  

Having got the patent for this invention he wants all the fans to have this safety rod. And all that it costs is Rs 250. and can be put in both old and new phones. Even the spring that is used in the fan is built in-house. He has already made 100 rods and claims that his firm can produce 10,000 units a month. Not a bad idea certainly when nearly 60,000 precious lives are lost due to hanging.