Wow! PM will launch BHIM-Aadhaar App today, know how it works

New Delhi: Thanks to PM Narendra Modi, now even if you don't have a mobile phone, you can make cashless transactions. What's more is the fact that you will be able to do these transactions without having to remember a password. That's not all, you will not be required to pay any charges for these payments ( in case of card payments you pay charges). 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will launch BHIM-Aadhaar platform for merchants to facilitate digital payments and unveil cash back and referral bonus schemes for the BHIM app at Nagpur on Friday on April 14.

We will tell you how BHIM-Aadhaar platform will work. 


1. Aadhaar Pay' allows even those without mobile phones to do cashless transactions

2.  Eliminates the charges currently charged by card companies such as MasterCard and Visa.

3.  Merchant accepting the payment has to have a mobile phone

4. Merchant needs to have a biometric scanner

5.  No password required. The app uses biometric scans as passwords, so you can use your fingerprint as password

6. Your Aadhaar number should be linked to your bank account/accounts to make the payment


A.If you want to pay

1. Select bank on the touchscreen

2. Enter your Aadhaar number

3. Scan fingerprints (password) to get confirmation

B. Merchant who wants to receive payment

1.Merchant needs to download Aadhaar Pay app on phone

2. Link pp to Aadhaar biometric reader

3. Once this app is linked, merchant can start transacting with customers.

 There will levy no MDR (merchant discount rate) fee on merchants who come on board, that means you too will not be charged MDR.

The merchants, mostly located in remote areas, will simply need a smartphone to download the app and an Aadhaar dongle to read biometrics of customers for a transaction.

"This enables us to reach really at the very bottom of the pyramid where people do not have either GSM or basic phones, which is a significant percentage of our population," NITI Aayog Chief Executive Amitabh Kant had said earlier

Talking about the security feature of the Aadhaar Pay platform, Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) CEO Ajay Bhushan Pandey had said the system by any means is no less secure than any other payment gateway in the country."The merchant-customer transaction is supposed to happen in a small areas/villages where most of the people are known to each other. So even if any fraud happens, a full digital trail will be available to track it down," Pandey added.