Wow! Now a condom App is here

The news will definitely send cheers among males. Green signal has been given to a new contraception app that mainly uses body temperature to track a female's menstruation process.

Here in this app, the Natural Cycles records the daily temperature and then uses an algorithm to plot fertility on a calendar.

Last year in 2016, a clinical study was carried out on 4000 women and the contraceptive app claimed to be as effective as the contraceptive pill.

The German-based regulator Tuv Sud has approved it now as a Class IIb medical device - the same level as acupuncture needles and blood bags.

The app is believed to be the first software of its kind to be certified as a contraception alongside condoms, the pill and intrauterine devices (IUDs).

Dr Elina Berglund, who created the app with her husband Dr Raoul Scherwitzl, said: 'Women around the world are interested in exploring effective non-hormonal, non-invasive forms of contraception.

'And now they have a new, clinically verified and regulatory approved option to choose from.'

A growing number of wearable devices and software have appeared that focus on female health and fertility, but none have previously been certified as clinically viable.

'Our high-quality clinical studies, together with the required regulatory approvals, means we can provide women everywhere with a new option for contraception,' Dr Berglund added.

'Natural Cycles allow women to better understand their bodies so they can make choices that are right for them.'