Wow.. Monica Dogra to be a part of this reality show!

Mumbai, Nov 29: Singer-actress Monica Dogra's latest song "Spell" will be played for the first time on a music reality show.

Monica played the song for the first time at "Renault KWID presents The Stage 3", a show for English singing talent in India. 

"Today, I performed my single 'Spell'. It's a collaboration with Curtain Blue and I have been working on it for about a year. It's a departure from my last release ‘Nayare Mastana'," Monica said in a statement. 

"I picked 'The Stage' to premiere it because obviously 'The Stage' has kind of changed what singing non-Bollywood music or singing in English means in this country. 'The Stage' is one of the greatest gifts in my life and it also has got a huge following, so I also wanted to share this song which is so personal to me," she added. 

Monica, who also judges the Colors Infinity show, feels "everyone who comes on 'The Stage' can resonate with the lyrics of this song". 

"I also wanted to show the contestants kind of my story since I have been trying to draw out their story all season," she added. 

The episode in which Monica will play "Spell" will air on Saturday.