Wow! Mercy is YouTube sensation, 1.5 cr have seen it, enjoy it

Mumbai:  Badshah is back with a big bang. His new track `Mercy' has gone viral on social media and has created an unimaginable buzz on the YouTube. Composed and sung by the rapper himself, the song features supremely talented and gorgeous Lauren Gottlieb grooving on it.

 Within hours the song touched a million mark, and is now inching towards the1.5 crore- mark. It’s cool, which forces you to shake you leg..quintessential Badshah

Mercy is part of Badshah's new album "O.N.E' , which he has dedicated to his fans to thank them for their support.

Badshah, who is signed by Sony Music India.

"It's been long since I have released something on my own. My last was 'DJ waley babu' which is still getting played at clubs and parties and since then, my fans have been consistently asking me for new music," Badshah said in a statement.

He added: "'O.N.E' is an intention to give them exactly that. I am where I am because of them and, therefore, I believe an entire album with my originals is my way of thanking them."

After "Mercy", other songs from the album will be out by the end of the year. "The song is the first in a series of songs and videos that we will be releasing throughout 2017. Prior to the album we will have one or two more while the album will have six to eight songs," he said, adding that the songs will be varied "from party, love ballad to progressive and dance".

Any collaborations? 

"There is a huge possibility but nothing has been finalised yet," Badshah said.

Talking about "Mercy", he said: "The song is about how a girl and a guy meet at a club and from there on sparks fly and they fall for each other. I am basically asking the girl to have mercy on me as she is super gorgeous."

Lauren also says that working with Badshah was "super fun and he is extremely professional with a great vision".

They shot for it at the O2 Arena in London.

"It was awesome," Lauren said.