Wow! Know what Salman Bhai eats, body secret is out

Mumbai: All `Bhai' fans have just one question in mind- How the super star remains so fit at 50. Well, Salman Khan is a fitness freak to the extent that if he misses his day-time workout, he does it 2 am after finishing his work. This all his fans know, but Dabangg fans don't know his secret fitness mantra- that we are going to tell you.


After Salman hired Manish Advilkar as his fitness trainer, his fitness regime changed. Earlier, Salman just used to foucs on workouts and treated himself to spicy and Italian food. Icecream, pizzas and paav bhaaji were his favourite. Manish changed that, and now Salman has stopped eating all that. Now he foucuses on protien-rich items like fish, egg white, meat and milk. So to stay fit, the `Wanted' star now uses a combo of diet and workouts.  

What Salman Eats

* 4 eggs (white), low fat milk in breakfast

* Protein shake, 2 eggs (white) before workout

* Protein bar, 3 eggs (white), almonds, oats

* Fried fish, mutton, salad, fruits for lucnh

* Nuts, protein bar

* Soup, chicken or fish, vegetables for dinner

Salman's workouts

In workouts, Salman's focus is on toning biceps, triceps, Abs, legs and back. In one go, he does a lot of sit-ups and push-ups.