Wow! Jio allows users to download movies without data

New Delhi: Jio has given another gift to its users. The company has added a new feature in JioCinema, which ensures that you download a movie without exhausting data from your 1 GB data.    

Under the Happy New Year offer, Reliance Jio gives you free data with a daily cap of 1GB. This is not a problem if for most usages, but if you're using it watch videos online, then this limits gets exhausted very quickly.

Jio's video on demand service JioCinema has a good collection of of movies. But the problem is that a movie like Bajirao Mastani comes up to 985MB on the medium quality setting, and 1.91GB on high quality. This means that if you download and watch this movie even at medium setting, you daily quota of free data will finish in downloading this one movie.

Now, Jio has added another new feature to JioCinema called Smart Download. This schedules the download between 2am and 5am. This time fall under the "happy hours", which is ntegral part of all Reliance Jio plan. Under this are no limits on data usage, and all usage is free. After March 31, you have to pay for data, but usage during "happpy hours" will remain free.

You could download a full movie while you sleep, and this will not eat into your free data now and paid data after March 31. In fact you can queue up more than one download at a time, and keep checking progress via My Downloads tab. The JioCinema app shows you how much disk space you have remaining so you'll know if you need to clear up anything.