Wow! Get driving licence in 72 hours at home

New Delhi:  Now you will not have to wait for weeks, sometimes months, for your driving licence. And you will not have pay touts to get your driving licence on time. You will get in 72 hours at your home.

With the changes in the Motor Vehicles Act being approved by the Cabinet, the driving licences will be electronically registered under umbrella of e-governance. The driving licences will be linked to Aadhar, and information of the licence holder will be available across the country. This will ensure a corruption-free and transparent system.  

The new rules are an effort to curb the menace of fake driving licences, a major reason for road accidents in India. “Information of the licence holder will be available across the nation and he/she will not be able to register bogus licences anywhere. Now any person, small or big, will not get the licence without clearing the driving test,” said Union Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari said, adding that 30% of all driving licences are fake in India.

The government will set up an all-India register for driving licences and vehicles. This data will be shared across the nation to prevent duplication of licences and registration of stolen vehicles.

The minister also said it will be made mandatory for Regional Transport Office (RTO) to issue licence within three days of a person clearing the driving test. “If the RTO does not issue the driving licence within three days of the test, then action will be taken against the RTO. This will facilitate transparency and corruption free work,” Gadkari.

Gadkari added that 2000 test centres will come up soon for driving licences.