Would choose to “shoot or hang” the rapists if law permits: Delhi Police chief

New Delhi: Delhi Police Commissioner BS Bassi today said that he would choose to “shoot or hang” the rapists if the Constitution of India allowed.

While speaking at Delhi Police's annual press conference, Bassi said, “If the constitution of India permits, then the Delhi Police personnel will not mind exercising the authority to hang or shoot perpetrators of crime against women on the spot. However we are committed to human rights and respect them.”

Bassi, who is set to retire next month, added that his force was genuinely concerned about security of women and did not believe in shedding “crocodile tears” to show their concern.

“We may not appear to be very sweet. But we are very genuinely concerned about women safety. When the world is failing to provide justice to women, it is my request to my successors to take this issue up as a challenge, identify vulnerable women and become their guardians.”

(Image courtesy: Twitter) News24 Bureau