World Yoga Day 2019: PM Modi swears by the benefits of Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar

New Delhi, News24 Bureau, June 20: PM Narendra Modi has tweeted the benefits of Surya Namaskar which is a combination of 12 very good asanas and has multiple benefits in almost all parts of the body.

This wonderful asana is very helpful in managing the weight of the body, in magnifying blood circulation and strengthening the lower body parts. This is one of those rare asanas which is a culmination of very strong and beneficial asanas. 

It also enhances skin lustre and gives fitness and flexibility to the body.

Surya Namaskar also strengthens the entire body. here are its other benefits: 

-- Surya Namaskar, if practised with perfection relieves constipation and promotes healthy digestion.

--The poses of Surya Namaskar are such that they stimulate the nervous system including the brain, lower plexus, spinal cord.

-- Very few know that Surya Namaskar is immensely beneficial in memory loss, builds focus and concentration, improves the functioning of the brain. This is very good for students.

-- Surya Namaskar also cures blood pressure and strengthens heart muscles. It also cures irregular heartbeat and one who practises it regularly can never have any heart-related problem.


This wonderful asana also  improves the capacity of the lungs, stimulates oxygen supply and regulates it to all the vital organs in the body.

---This is very good to control weight-related issues and also gives a glowing skin.

--This is also very beneficial for women and has a remedy for managing menstrual cramps and, also helpful in managing menopause stage. Due to its empowering effects on the uterus of a woman, Surya Namaskar Yoga also helps in making childbirth comparatively easier.

--This keeps body fit and removes all stiffness.

-This also improves the mental and physical balance of the body.

--Surya Namaskar also reduces strained joints problems. Lubricates sore muscles and joints and promotes their healthy functioning.

--Surya Namaskar is great for improving memory.

Those who have chronic back-related issues should avoid this asana as it requires a lot of strength.

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